Psoriasis is now one of the most common diseases we have been observing. The number of people suffering from this problem is increasing every day. But it is in our hands to stop Psoriasis from attacking us. Let us see how we can prevent Psoriasis disease. We must incorporate or change some daily habits and our life style habits in order to prevent the Psoriasis problem.


  1. For bathing purposes, always use lukewarm water with mild, non-fragrant soaps.
  2. Moisture must be sealed in to prevent skin damages. So it is suggested to apply a good, non-fragrant, mild moisturiser/ olive oil after the bath.
  3. The shampoos for the hair should be non-fragrant. Fragrant products contain chemicals that can damage the skin and cause hair fall
  4. Always prefer cotton clothes. The cotton material safeguards the skin from external heat.
  5. The cold and dryness during the winter may affect your skin. So wear protective clothes and do not expose much skin to the atmosphere during winter.
  6. Injuries to skin, however small they might be, if not taken immediate care can lead to complicated skin issues later. So take care of treating the injuries immediately.
  7. Don’t scratch the skin much. To avoid this problem, trim your nails regularly and keep them clean.


  1. Smoking and Alcohol not only damages the internal functioning of the organs, but can also damage the skin to a large extent. So avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  2.  Healthy weight maintenance is always a key factor for the prevention of Psoriasis. It is better to consult a doctor and discuss the exercise strategy if your joints are affected with Psoriasis.
  3. Mental stress will definitely have an effect on the skin. So always try to relax and practice the meditation and yoga techniques for mental relief.
  4. Red meat increases the intensity of inflammation. So avoid it.
  5.  Early morning sun light has been proved healthy for the skin. So expose your skin to the sun for 15 minutes before 9 in the morning.