Sinus treatment in Homeopathy

Air pockets or sinuses can be found between the eyes, on the forehead, between the cheekbones, and behind the nose. Mucus, the slimy fluid that prevents foreign objects and bacteria from entering the body through the nasal cavity by trapping them, is produced by the lining of these sinuses. Sinusitis is a disorder in which this lining turns inflamed, producing excessive mucus to accumulate in the nose passages, which can result in blockages and bacterial and viral infection.


The common cold: A cold may worsen into a sinus infection if it is not treated in a timely manner.

Allergic Rhinitis: This nose inflammation, often known as hay fever, is brought due to an increased sensitivity to allergens. Constant runny nose, scratchy eyelids, and watery eyes are some of the symptoms.

Nasal Polyps: Although safe and non-cancerous, these tiny painless growths on the inner lining of the nostril have the potential to block drainage and cause sinus infections.

Deviated Septum: This happens when the thin wall separating your nasal passageways, known as the nasal septum, is bent to one side. It may develop from birth or as a result of a nose injury.


The possibility of getting a sinus infection can be increased by a number of medical illnesses or risk factors, including:

1.Repeated colds
2.Significant allergies that cause inflammation
3.Exposure to mold (fungus)
4.History of Cigarette smoking
5.Decay in the teeth
6.Regular usage of nasal spray decongestants
7.Respiratory systems infections
8.Nasal polyps

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