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Best Homeopathy Clinic



At Positive Homeopathy

The primary objective of Positive Homeopathy is to deliver the best practices of homeopathic treatment to the patients. We at positive homeopathy treats and relieves the sufferings using Constitutional Homeopathy which was Founded by Samuel Hahnemann. The clinics are organized, the treatment is individualized and health, happiness, and well-being are cherished by our patients. Right to Health is at higher stakes at Positive Homeopathy Clinics with easy access and to Expert doctors who are Trained and Cured in numerous cases using Constitutional and Predective Homeopathy Techniques.

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First-class medical care benefits are experienced by the patients at Positive Homeopathy in getting constitutional homeopathic treatment along with computerised advance treatment methods. We also educate patients to maintain the best of their health during and after the treatment procedure as prevention is always better than cure and being healthy begins with prevention.

With over 25 clinics and 100+ doctors, patients can count on us as the best homeopathic clinic for their needs, as we provide treatment for acute diseases, chronic diseases, emergency conditions , genetic diseases and treatment for all age group including pregnant women and children.

As one of the leading homeopathy healthcare provider in clinics as well as through online treatment, immense care is taken in gathering patient’s disease condition, advising required essential diagnostic procedures and educating the science of homeopathy to the patients. As we grow, we take responsibility to extend our support and medical expertise to the general public for which regular seminars and medical camps on homeopathy are conducted.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Positive homeopathy has a unique way of treating the disease. I am stunned with the results observed by various people from my place. The best treatment ive seen.


My grandmother taking treatment at Kakinada for arthritis she is 70 yrs old she is much better with Postive Homeopathy medicines. Thank you team of doctors.


I am taking treatment for varicose vein from Positive Homeopathy. I m feeling better now. I am happy with Homeolife.


What We Do!

We’ve combined a new kind of doctor’s experience that blends the highest level of health care with exceptional service. Our Online Clinics are just ONE CLICK away.

Our Vision

To bring the Medical Excellency in homeopathy treatment within the reach of people for better lifestyle for each and every individual.

Our Mission

To Provide the medical services by offering quality and high-standard treatment to our patients, enabling them to improve and maintain their health, with due regard to post-treatment concerns. We’re now Global Presence with Online Clinics.

About Chairman – Dr. T Kiran Kumar

Dr. T Kiran Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Positive Homeopathy(Formerly Positive Life Sciences Pvt Ltd), is an integrative medicine practitioner for the past two decades. He embarked on the journey of constitutional therapy to contribute to society’s healthy living. Dr. Kiran Kumar completed his BHMS (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in 1996 from Gulbarga University. With the guidance of his guru, Dr. Sreekar Manu, Dr. Kiran Kumar progressively administered the concepts of Homeopathy and personalised the treatment for every patient, which brought convenience and results in a short duration.
Dr. Kiran Kumar’s approach toward treating the patients is unique that developed in the term called ‘pathological prescription.’ This process involves the patient’s medical diagnosis without much investment of time and giving the apt prescription and healing in no time. His strong credence in Homeopathy, empathy toward patients, and meticulously prescribing the right medication and treatment gave him success and made him a pioneer in Homeopathy.

Dr. Kiran Kumar religiously follows and leads by example to his team to administer the Genetic Constitutional Homeopathy and treat each patient with empathy and care. He also ensures that patient engagement should be foremost for any treatment. Through his practice, he made sure that the health services are accessible and affordable by the entire society (especially the economically backward). Dr. Kiran Kumar understands the paradigm shift in the medical needs and approach in our country and firmly believes that Homeopathy is the future of medicine and health care.

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