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Best Homoepathy Clinic Near You

Best Homoepathy Clinic Near You


Why Positive Homeopathy?

To bring back Positive heath in mankind, Dr. Kiran Kumar dreamed that people should reach many homeopathically treatable diseases that are worsened by other palliative care of medicine. He created a platform for doctors to reach the public in a decent way.

Many curable diseases by homeopathy are taking the wrong direction and getting worsened by other methods. Giving a good healthy society to tomorrow is our responsibility. Positive homeopathy treating people in a decent and affordable manner, so health care will reach all kinds of people.Homeopathically treating from long back in many area in India. But positive homeopathy treats in good observatory and curative aspects. Treats mainly diseases like Psoriasis, sciatica, infertility, diabetes, hyper tension, thyroid and autism like chronic disorders. Doctors in positive homeopathy treats with feel and kind heart.

  • Hospitality is excellence.
  • Remembers their schedules of treatment and follow-ups. Our one of the best service is medicine corriour service if patients cannot able to come to clinic.
  • Compounding the medicine with well explanatory.
  • Quick responding to queries and doubts.
  • Taking the responsibility up to cure is our moto what else.

In 25 yrs of long journey positive homeopathy started in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Tirupati, now brand extended to Nellore, Guntur, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Khammam , Mahbubnagar, many areas of Telangana and Karnataka around 50 branches all over south India.

  • Giving good health to society and mankind.
  • Curing many chronic disorders in a gentle and supporting manner.
  • Giving good ambience and hospitality on par to up to date society.
  • Reaching the all kind of people with affordable and assurance manner.

Positive homeopathy employees are well trained, good mannered, polite and responsible, gives good assistance in respect of physical and moral support. Positive homeopathy doctors are experienced, friendly, connective and well explanatory in nature.

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