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Why Homeopathy?



How Homeopathy can improve your life?

The wonderful sweet pills, liked by children and adults alike with the right homeopathic medicine, have great potential to change your life from pain and sufferings of disease to health and well being.
Every human being as a child has great dreams but many compromise their dreams due to circumstances and ill health. The disease may be mental or physical. We may not be able to change our circumstances, but we can definitely improve our health with correct homeopathic treatment.

Sufferings may not always be physical it can be mental too-Anxiety, depression, fears, obsessions, the agony of losing dear ones; failures in school job and life, etc can make your lives equally miserable. Homeopathic medicines will help you face the situations in a better way, and also helps you to regain your normal health.
Physical ailments: People would be surprised to hear that, homeopathy can cure a wide range of ailments from flu to cancer with small doses of medicines and are often skeptical about its efficacy.
Our body is constantly trying to cope with disease conditions that we develop from environmental and social factors like stress and also the vast majority of diseases we have got in parentage from our ancestors. When the right Homeopathic remedies are given in the right dose and potency based on individual peculiarities, our body gets the necessary support to fight the infection or arrest disease progression.
Only in cases beyond repairable damage like nerve damage or damaged organ /removed organ, the disease can’t be cured. But homeopathic medicine can help decrease, the intensity of suffering and pain.
In case of compromised health conditions like initial stages of cancer, the beginning stages of a fatal disease, even in case of AIDS, we can bring great improvement with right homeopathy medicine Ex: We can arrest the progress of the disease in cancer. If the patient is beyond the curable stage example cancer in its last stages with secondary spread all over the body, medicine will help you better cope with the fear of death, pain, and agony of the disease.

Homeopathy medicine has been helpful in infertility treatment. Many GOVT projects like AMAYUM KUNJUM and results of treatment by many private doctors speak for the efficacy of homeopathy.
Many cases have been reported where, mothers who had repeated spontaneous abortions earlier due to ill-health, and also parents who had more than two children with disabilities, when they had babies after undergoing homeopathic treatment gave birth to normal healthier babies.
In this way, we can improve the health of coming generations. The physical and mental health of today’s youth will be the strength of our nation in the future.

I have a Doubtful mind-regarding homeopathic treatment???
The explanation given in old homeopathic books regarding the action of homeopathic remedies 200 years back was in the light of knowledge available at that time and there is no point in arguing quoting the words then used. In science, the observations and findings remain stable, but our explanations and theories change with increasing knowledge Eg: Theories regarding atoms, its structure, and properties have changed over time.
The principle behind homeopathy was not only observed by Hahnemann but many other physicians before him and cure based on this principle is seen by homeopathy physicians even today in our day to day practice, around the globe.
Homeopathy is a system discovered by a Doctor 200 years back, ever since then popularity and demand for homeopathic treatment have increased all over the globe, only because of its efficacy in curing patients individually and in epidemic diseases like Cholera, Scarlet fever, Chickenpox, Dengue, etc over many years. Even in recent times during Chikungunya disease could be prevented and cured by Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is a scientific system because Christian Frederick Samual Hannemann, the father of homeopathy was a logical man, a great scholar of chemistry and he proved and reproved medicines and has written in his book, not to blindly believe him but to prove and reprove the medicines and then believe in what he has written or taught.
The efficacy of Homeopathic medicines can’t be proved the way allopathic medicines are tested; it has to be done differently. For each medical condition for instance Allergy, there are more than 48 remedies, in some conditions like high blood pressure more than 110 medicines. Among the numerous medicines, only one medicine or a series of medicine may be required for curing each disease condition. The selection of medicine and selection of potency{amount of medicine} are very important in determining the rate of cure and prevention of chronic disease conditions in the future.
During the so-called scientific studies done in recent times, all these aspects are not covered, so the inferences are equally faulty/ biased. Science is ever-growing and history has witnessed that many scientists had to suffer because the majority of people and societies’ beliefs were contradicting the scientific beliefs prevalent at that time. Samuel Hahnemann and Homeopathy too had to go through the test of time. It may take many more years to scientifically explain how each medicine acts on human beings in ultramicroscopic/quantities less than Avogadro number, but over the year’s mere clinical evidence of cure without side effects proves the efficacy of homeopathic medicine. For a patient and doctor, the cure is important. It’s the duty of present and future scientists to find the exact model of operation of homeopathic medicine at the gene level or biochemical level.
Being a cost-effective mode of treatment with less margin of profit Homeopathy does not have multinational companies to back up this system of medicine.
Before blindly opposing Homeopathy, Why can’t we respect the efforts of hundreds of homeopaths who have worked over years to develop the wonderful system of medicine which can help decrease the suffering of our fellow humans. Homeopathy has been used even in veterinary doctors. Animals and small children do not know medicine and placebo difference if homeopathy medicine is effective in themThe success of Homeopathic treatment lies in the combined effort of patient and Doctor. The patient has to be very open and give all necessary symptoms and personal peculiarities because unlike other systems of medicine.

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