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Atopic dermatitis or Eczema can be in children and adults?

Atopic is the adjective used to denote a form of allergy.

Dermatitis is the condition of inflammation seen in skin with the signs of redness ,eruptions, itch and pain.

Atopic dermatitis is a diseased condition which is prevalent worldwide and known to have family history of asthma, allergic rhinitis or eczema. The genetic predisposition is clearly defined and when both the parents had or have Atopic dermatitis,  the children are more prone to this disease.

The causative factors responsible for Atopic dermatitis is yet not known. Only the presence of positive family history and genetics orientation to it are well known reasons for Atopic dermatitis.

What really happens inside the body for Atopic dermatitis is related to epidermal barrier. Genetic factors such as mutation of structural protein is found to be responsible in some patients. In many other patients, immunoregulatory abnormalities are found to be changes happening which lead to Atopic dermatitis.

The symptoms of Atopic dermatitis  have to be studied differently in different age groups. It should be remembered that itching (pruritus) is present in all age groups which gets worsened by dry skin.

  • In infants, it appears as weeping inflammatory patches and crusted plaques on the neck, on the extensor surfaces and on the face.
  • In the childhood and adolescents,  atopic dermatitis lesions appear on the flexural surface of the skin, such as front of the elbows and back of the knees.
  • When it comes to the adults, Atopic dermatitis may get lichenified and localised seen as lichen simplex chronicus or hand eczema.

The treatment for Atopic dermatitis includes medicines and general advice to take care of skin.

An allergic condition is very challenging to treat for a physician due to various factors such as knowledge of allergy-causing irritants, skin care by the patients, improper family history , occupational compulsions etc.  With deep-acting homeopathic medicines dispensed based on different constitution of different patients, Positive Homeopathy is regarded as one of the best clinics in the providing excellent homeopathic treatment for Atopic dermatitis.

The advice is given to each patient by the doctors which include maintaining skin hygiene, take bath not less than once , use mild soap, avoid strong deodorants, stay away from chemical irritants etc.

Atopic dermatitis if not cured can lead to secondary lesions such as infection, excoriation. When it turns chronic, lichenification process may altogether change the appearance of eczema.

Atopic dermatitis has to differentiated from Contact dermatitis, Lichen simplex chronicus, Hand eczema. With the recovery from Atopic dermatitis, the old or the existing asthma or rhinitis might get increased for few days to disappear completely later. Therefore, with homeopathic treatment for Atopic dermatitis, the skin as well as the respiratory complaints of asthma and allergic rhinitis also get cured.

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