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Cure of Lichen planus is possible with Homeopathy

Lichen planus has become a relatively common skin disease now-a-days around the world. It is categorised as a chronic disease with new lesions appearing in crops and disappear on their own leaving impression of skin pigmentations.

“Lichen” word is derived  from the purplish resemblance to the lichens that grown on trees on the hills.

The lesions on the skin in Lichen planus become purplish or violaceous which are polyhedral in shape and cause itching. It develops typically on the flexor surfaces of the joints such as fronts of the wrists, elbows, flexor surfaces of abdomen, legs, the genitalia and the back of the body. LP  also appears in the mouth, rarely on the lips and tongue.

The most important aspect to know about Lichen planus is that it is non-infectious though being a skin disease and it is common in young adults and middle-aged people.

The reason for the Lichen planus skin disease is not yet clear but the role of either virus or phyrical stress or certain drugs cannot be ruled out.

Lichen planus lesions appear as polyhedral shaped flat and purplish papules. They are shiny and flattened. The scales may be clearly seen due to hyperkeratosis. It is to be noted that when Lichen planus affects the mouth, they appear as white coating on gums and buccal mucosa with complaints of burning sensation especially on eating or drinking.

Itching is characteristically present in majority of the patients with Lichen planus.Upon itching, papules are formed  along the line of scratching, known as Koebner’s phenomenon.

With the progress of the disease, the papules of LP merge to form plaques.

In Lichen Planus, there are certain types which need to be differentiated such as :

  • Annular Lichen planus
  • Acute generalised Lichen planus
  • Lichen planus verrucosus
  • Linear or Herpes zoster-like LP
  • Lichen plano-pilaris

Lichen planus has to be differentiated from other diseases of similar characteristics resembling LP particularly Psoriasis, Eczema, Pityriasis rubra pilaris and Prurigo nodularis

Considering the progressive nature of the disease and being a skin disease with immense itching leaving pigmentation and/or marks, it LP has turned to be a disease causing much embarrassment in the patients who suffer from it chronically.  It is also observed that there not many medicines in conventional medicine to treat Lichen planus completely . In such a scenario, Homeopathy has stood as the best alternative to the patients with LP with therapeutic homeopathic medicines bringing about cure and also preventing the recurrence of LP lesions.

At Positive Homeopathy Clinics, complete history of the development of LP to the present state of disease is considered along with the constitution of the suffering patient to bring about complete recovery in them. With experience doctors and quality homeopathic medicines, Positive Homeopathy Clinics are considered the best homeopathic clinics with best homeopathic treatment for Lichen planus and similar skin diseases. Positive Homeopathy doctors have a saying, “Homeopathy doesn’t Like Lichen planus.”

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