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Diet, Nutrition and Homeopathy

Diet and Nutrition are essential for growth and development, body maintenance and to fight unhealthy state. Human body synthesises by itself what it is capable of , for normal bodily functions. When in insufficiency, nutrients are required which are supplied by the diet.  For good health, a human body requires energy-providing nutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrate. It requires vitamins, minerals and water. Deficiency in diet and nutrition leads to growth impairment, improper bodily function and failure to maintain the nutrition balance .

The amount of nutrition and the diet intake required differs from individual to individual by their age and their functioning.

The factors which alter the nutrient needs are dependent on age, sex, growth rate, pregnancy and lactation, diseases suffering from, drugs and medications, diet regimen, and physical activity level.

The diseases due to dietary and nutritional deficiencies are characterised by the imbalance between the supply of nutrients and bodily needs.

Some of the dietary deficiency diseases are :

  • protein malnutrition (protein-calorie deficiency),
  • iron-deficiency anemia
  • goiter ( iodine deficiency )
  • rickets (vitamin D deficiency)
  • osteomalacia (vitamin D deficiency)
  • xeropthalmia (Vitamin A deficiency)
  • megalosblastic anemia ( Vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency)
  • scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency)
  • beri beri (Thiamin deficiency)
  • pellagra (Niacin and tryptophan deficiency)

Nutrition excess and deficiencies also pose as risk factors for certain grave diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, cancers etc. It is also noticed that diet is one of the many causes or risk factors in some diseases, indicating body’s functioning is multifactorial and multi disciplined.

The founder of Homeopathy, Dr.Hahnemann has talked about diet and regimen in more than 10 times in the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine emphasising the importance of diet in the normal functioning and also in the recovery of the disease.

Positive Homeopathy Clinics have always considered the diet and nutrition of every patient who visits to the clinics. The diet and nutrition is a part of the constitution of each patient and every doctor of Positive Homeopathy Clinics extracts such information to ensure healthy diet is maintained and nutrition is sufficient.

The doctors assess the diet and nutrition to confirm the absence or presence of malnutrition disorder. They also plan and ask the patients to implement the customised diet plan. And finally, the doctors ensure the patients are following the diet plan by reassessing on every visit. Positive Homeopathy has best treatment for diseases due to nutritional deficiencies.

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