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Have a Healthy Summer with Homeopathy

The change of season this time of the year is with the arrival of summer and it brings with it great attributes required for the Mother Nature which includes the species, human beings. Because of global warming, the maximum temperature in summer is high and the tolerance power of the man remains the same. And hence, it is noticed that majority of the population suffer from health issue which are particular in the summer season.  It is therefore wise to make changes in lifestyle, follow some diet regimen and take preventive measures as required for a healthy life in summer also.

Some of the common health issues seen in summer season are:

  1. Heat stroke:  It is a state of increase in bodily temperature resulting from absorption of more heat and less loss it from the body. It may even turn into emergency condition needful of medical attention or even hospitalisation.
  2. Heat cramps: Certain people are susceptible to muscle cramps due to excess heat which deprivation of water and nutrients in the muscles.
  3. Acne Rosacea
  4. Sunburn
  5. Dandruff
  6. Heat prickles
  7. Headaches/Migraine
  8. Kidney stones/Nephrolithiasis
  9. Gallbladder stones/Cholecystitis
  10. Urinary tract infection/UTI
  11. Photo dermatitis
  12. Meningitis, viral.
  13. Cholera
  14. Food poisoning/ Gastroenteritis, bacterial.

What are the health tips to be followed in summer?

  1. One should take care of the eyes by wearing recommended sunglasses.
  2. Drink enough fluids to maintain sufficient hydration of the body tissues.
  3. Proper ventilation and aeration should be mechanised by opening all the doors and windows to let fresh air in.
  4. Wear loose, light-coloured cotton material clothes .
  5. Protect scalp by using umbrella and headgear(caps).
  6. Select best footwear which allows feet to feel fresh air.
  7. Drink green tea, citrus juices, butter milk for metabolism regulation.
  8. Adequate sleeping hours is must during summer.
  9. Eat lot of fruits like watrermelon, musk melon, cucumbers, pomegranates, bananas and apples.
  10. Take cold water bath at least 2 times a day.

What are the symptoms of Heat stroke and Sunstroke?
Headache , dizziness, and light-headedness are the symptoms associated with lack of sweating, red, hot skin. There may be nausea and vomiting with rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing. Whenever such symptoms are felt or observed, medical attention should be sought immediately.

What are the signs of bad-effects of sun exposure or heat exhaustion?
The person who gets heat exhausted feels dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea with or without vomiting and diarrhoea. They complain of muscle cramps particularly in abdomen and legs. In severe cases, confused state may persist with less urine excretion.

What steps to take for heat stroke?
Immediate step would be to get out of heat into a cool, aerated place preferably under the shade. Then, lie down with legs raised. Remove heavy and tight clothing, if any. Drink liquids such as water and mineral drinks but avoid aerated drinks and canned juices. Call the doctor immediately.

Are there any preventive medicine for heat stroke?
Homeopathy has a unique method of treatment which is called Homeoprophylaxis,which suggests, selection and dispensing of homeopathic medicines as preventive remedy  for the epidemic or outbreak etc in a large population. The common symptoms prevalent in majority of the population is considered in the selection of homeopathic medicine which is then dispensed to the unaffected so as to prevent the effect of heat stroke in them. Some of the proven effective homeopathic preventive medicines are Belladonna, Nux vomica, Arsenic album, Natrum mur. Positive Homeopathy Clinics recommends usage of homeopathic medicines under medical supervision only though homeopathic medicines are safe, non-toxic , non-addictive and do not cause any side-effects. Homeopathic preventive medicines are available at all the Positive Homeopathic Clinics along with the best homeopathic treatment for those suffering from any diseases common in summer season.

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