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Homeopathy Medicine For Filariasis Can Stop Swelling!

Filariasis is a viral illness caused by nematode worms, belonging to the Filarioidea family. These worms can affect various body parts but mainly they affect the lymphatic system, which helps to fight the diseases. Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Brugia timori are the primary worms that infect humans and cause lymphatic filariasis. When the infected mosquitoes bite humans, then the larvae of the worms circulate in the blood and the Lymphatic system affects the individuals and causes filariasis.

Types Of Filariasis:

  •  This is the most common type of Filariasis. It is transmitted by the mosquitoes and causes the swelling of the body parts. In extreme cases, it may result in elephantiasis, a disorder that causes the limbs to swell and become deformed.
  • Subcutaneous filariasis: It can cause itchy skin and nodules under the skin. In extreme circumstances, blindness and eye issues may also result.
  • Serous cavity filariasis: It damages the lining of the stomach and can result in fluid accumulation, discomfort, and edema.

The following are a few signs of filariasis:

  • Chills with fever
  • Headache
  • Rash on the skin
  • swelling in the genitalia, arms, or legs
  • Pain and Fatigue

Here are a few strategies to stop filariasis:

  • Use mosquito nets for your nighttime sleeping.
  • In regions where mosquitoes are prevalent, wear long sleeves and pants.
  • Use DEET-containing insect repellant.
  • If you have filariasis, get treatment.

What If Filariasis Left Untreated-

  • Long-term impairment such as persistent swelling (lymphedema) in the arms, legs, or genitalia, and trouble going about daily tasks.
  • It affects mental well-being and social connections
  • Can cause blindness by infecting the eyes.

Treatment for Filariasis:
Thus, although filariasis can be a dangerous illness, its intensity and long-term effects can be reduced with prompt treatment and access to medical care. Ignorance or avoidance of therapy could worsen symptoms and cause irreversible harm. As it is crucial to consult a doctor for quick therapy, Consult Positive Homeopathy for an effective homeopathy treatment for filariasis. We provide individualized treatment programs for every type of filariasis. Our group of skilled professionals can assist you in controlling your filariasis and avoiding problems. We help feel better fast with homeopathy medicine for filariasis. Explore more about Filariasis treatment at

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