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Homeopathy Treatment for irregular periods

The normal menstrual cycle of a woman runs for 28 days. Women never expect that to change. And, when that changes, it can be quite disconcerting and disturbing. Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods can be harrowing and awkward at the same time for a woman.
When women tend to have irregular periods, they tend to worry about the early incidence of menopause, fertility issues, and the possibility of some horrible disease lurking. This is common. There are some great treatments in homeopathy for irregular periods, and let us know about them in this article.
What is Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods?
This refers to a condition in women who have infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles often 35 days. This might vary from patient to patient and also depends upon the causes of oligomenorrhea. Most women normally menstruate 11 to 13 times a year with a gap of 28 days per cycle. Some of them have gaps of 24 and 35 days also. Having aberrations in this cycle is referred to as irregular periods. Early, late, missed or prolonged periods are also considered irregular periods.
To determine the occurrence of irregular periods, women are advised to count days from the cessation of the last period to the beginning of the next period. If the number of days is significantly different for three months, then they are supposed to have irregular periods.
What causes irregular periods?
There are a variety of reasons that cause irregular periods and most of them are benign. Here is a list of causes for irregular periods.
• Hormonal imbalances.
• Anovulation due to hormonal imbalances.
• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Birth control medications.
• Polycystic ovarian diseases.
• Primary ovarian insufficiency.
• STDs.
• Thyroid disorders.
• Diabetes.
• Fibroids.
• Eating Disorders.
What to expect during irregular periods?
The most common occurrences during irregular periods are:
• Reduced time between periods.
• Increased time between periods.
• Heavy or light flow.
• Pain and cramping during periods.
When is it a cause of concern?
It is a cause of concern when there is heavy flow. One should contact a doctor immediately. Frequent oligomenorrhea should also be a cause of concern as it can affect the reproductive capabilities of a woman.
To prevent irregular periods, it is necessary for women to cope up with stress and learn to relax. It is also important not to over indulge in exercise, take up yoga or tai chi, and opt for natural contraception. Also, they should exercise restraint in sexual relations.
Homeopathy for irregular periods
Some of the best homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad offer safe treatment for irregular periods. There are many treatment options for irregular periods in homeopathy that have higher success rates than allopathy.
Some common medicines in homeopathy for irregular periods:
• Cimcifuga
• Calcarea carb
• Pulsatilla
• Jonesia Ashoka
• Gossypium
• Sepia
• Natr Mur
• Trillium Pend
The advantage of homeopathy for irregular periods is that the treatment is safe and free of any side effects. However, it is advised not to self medicate and consult a competent homeopath. Positive Homeopathy is one among the best homeopathy hospitals in bangalore, and has treated numerous patients with irregular periods.
For women having irregular periods for over three months, it is better to consult a doctor and get it treated.

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