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How Can You Get rid of PCOS – Homeopathy Is the Best Solution for PCOS

PCOS is now-a-days found to be one of the common diseases in young females. PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, known commonly as PCOD but more appropriate term is PCOS as it affects in many ways other than just the female genital system.

PCOS is known by the symptoms of irregular and/or absent menses, unwanted hair on body and obesity which are associated with enlarged ovaries bearing multiple peripheral cysts.

PCOS effects young females in various ways and hence it is also known as an heterogeneous disorder. The symptoms of PCOS are caused primarily due to excess androgen hormone production by the enlarged ovaries. There are many other factors which are responsible for PCOS syndrome such as Insulin resistance, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, thyroid dysfunction, Cushing syndrome etc., Homeopathy acts on individual causative factors making it the best treatment for PCOS.

Pathologically, the ovaries are enlarged in patients with PCOS. With enlargement, there is an increase in ovarian volume, ovarian capsule is thickened and it becomes pearly white in colour. The characteristic multiple follicular cysts are found peripherally around the cortex of the ovaries.

PCOS/PCOD  is known by the following symptoms or clinical features :

  • Obesity or overweight or gain in weight.
  • Menstrual irregularities; Amenorrhoea (absent menses) Oligomenorrhoea (delayed menses) or dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB).
  • Infertility ;
  • Hirsutism ( presence of unwanted hair )
  • Acne

In some patients with PCOS, the skin gets thickened and pigmented in the inner thighs, the back of the neck, the groin and the axilla which is known as Acanthosis nigricans.

And HAIR-AN syndrome is seen in come patients with PCOS which comprises of hyperandrogenism, acanthosis nigricans and insulin resistance.

Clinically , PCOS is diagnosed with the characteristic symptoms  and confirmed by investigations such as USG which reveal enlarged ovaries with presence of peripheral multiple cysts. The ratio of LH: FSH hormones is more than 2:1. There is raised level of estradiol and estrone and raised serum testosterone. Insulin resistance can be known by raised 2 hour Glucose tolerance test.

Homeopathy Treatment For PCOS – Positive Homeopathy

An uncontrolled PCOS leads to progression of the symptoms affecting different body parts. In all the cases of PCOS, it is seen that it causes complications also such as obesity, infertility, miscarriage, abnormal lipid profile. When such a syndrome is left untreated, chances are the patients may complain of more new diseases in them in the future such as Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases, Atherosclerosis, Obstructive sleep apnoea and Endrometrial cancer.

When such a heterogeneous disorder is causing ill-effects on the patients with PCOS, the question arises, how to get rid of PCOS? The best solution is to consult the doctor in the early stages of PCOS, for example, when there are initial symptoms of irregular menses or unexplained weight gain, or unwanted hair growth. Early diagnosis is always the key factor in arresting the spread of PCOS and then cure it comprehensively.

Then, there are methods to tackle each individual symptom by making lifestyle modifications such as eating healthy food, physical activity, regular exercise and avoiding unnecessary stress either mental or physical.

PCOS Treatment in Homeopathy is the Best Option:

But most important question remains is what is the best treatment for PCOS when it has established itself. In such cases, Homeopathy is the best treatment for PCOS, simply because homeopathic medicines are selected based on genetic constitution of the patient suffering from PCOS and such a method of treatment cures PCOS completely. Homeopathy has specific therapeutic medicines which are proven on healthy humans which makes them more reliable to be used with confidence in the treatment of PCOS. Another important benefit associated homeopathic treatment is the ability of homeopathic medicines to cure PCOS without surgery and without hospitalization. And then lastly, people wonder whether PCOS recurs after the treatment? The answer for it is also homeopathic mode of treatment as the homeopathic medicines act constitutionally and removes the causative factors as well as the symptoms of PCOS along with the pathological effects on the ovaries. Therefore, the best way to get rid of PCOS is by taking homeopathic treatment from a registered homeopathic doctor.

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