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Insomnia? Get a good night’s sleep with Homeopathy

Sleep is as important as food for any person.  It helps our body recover from the day’s activities and enhances memory and brain function. Without sleep, we will go crazy! Sleep is a natural process but sadly for some, it is not the case. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder; causes can be anything ranging from prescribed medications interfering with the body’s sleep cycle, emotional stress or food. Homeopathic medicine helps to overcome insomnia and leads to a good nights’ sleep.

You can also overcome insomnia by making some changes in your lifestyle:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Lose weight
  • Have a health check
  • Balance menopausal hormones
  • Include healthy diet
  •  Avoid caffeine products
  • Eat food with protein few hours before bed time
  • Avoid alcohol
  •  Chamomile tea has a mild homeopathic effect of relieving anxiety and inducing relaxation
  • Avoid watching TV before going to sleep
  • Go to bed at the same time each night. And get up at the same time each morning, too, even on weekends. Your body clock will synchronise with these times making it easier to go to sleep as well as wake up in the morning.
  • Take a hot bath or shower before bed. This will increase the temperature of your body. The fall in temperature as it returns to normal will encourage relaxation and help with sleep.
  • Use the homeopathic effect of coffee. In homeopathy’s ‘like treats like’ approach, coffee will paradoxically help some people sleep better as it will calm their busy mind and body if drunk before going to bed

Homeopathic treatment for Insomnia

Homeopathy has been effective for treating insomnia. If insomnia is the only symptom, one of the following remedies may bring relief.

Arsenicum Album (Ars)

This is for people who are anxious and restless. Anxiety, fear, or worry prevents sleep. Frequent starting or jumping which wakens from sleep.

Coffea Cruda (Coff)

Coffee is usually known for aggravating sleeplessness but because of homeopathy’s ‘like treats like’ effect, it will relieve insomnia when given in crude, or especially homeopathic form. The type of symptoms it relieves are those produced by coffee. They are: sleeplessness from rapid thoughts or an active mind; constant flow of ideas; physical restlessness; nervous energy; excitement.

Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels)

For people who suffer sleeplessness from anticipatory anxiety. Dull, drowsy mind or insomnia due to over exhaustion.

These are just a few remedies which Positive Homeopathy clinic offers, depending on the symptoms and lifestyle of the patients the doctor might suggest suitable homeopathic medicines.

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