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Sciatica goes away with homeopathy

The name ‘Sciatica’ comes from the disease of the Sciatic nerve which has its origin in the back and it ends in the foot.  Sciatica is caused by the impingement of the L4, L5 or S1 nerve by disc herniation between L4-L5 and/or L5-S1 vertebrae of the spine.

Sciatica is the leg pain which radiates in the back of the leg due to disc herniation impinging on the L4-L5 and L5-S1 sciatic nerve distribution.

Sciatica responds to medicines and physiotherapy but many of the patients opt for surgery to get fast relief to be at their job places. Those patients who are tolerant enough to the pain avoid surgery and rely on medicines. But there are risks associated with surgery and homeopathic medicines are the best in the treatment of sciatica as they do not cause side-effects, surgery can be avoided and hospitalisation is not required.

Sciatic pain is felt as pain in the leg starting in the buttocks region and extends down the back of the leg to the knee or to the foot. In some, the pain appears located to only a spot in the hip area.The pain of Sciatica is more felt on coughing, sneezing , sudden bodily movements.  Different patients feel their pain is better in maintaining specific postures.

In majority of the patients, Sciatica goes away after 6-8 weeks with medicines and bed rest. The bed should be firm .  But if the pain persists even or if it becomes severe, homeopathic treatment has to be started for comprehensive cure. Sciatica may also lead to  associated symptoms if not given prompt treatment such as weakness in legs, numbness in the feet, involuntary urination or stools due to the involvement of nerves in those areas.

It is to be  known that Sciatica is not a disease or medical condition, but a symptom of disease which needs to be attended to allay the pain of sciatica. Sciatica is caused by intervertebral disc disorders of the lumbar spine such as herniated disc, intervetebral disc degeneration, bone spurs, narrowing of the spaces between the vertebral bones( L4,L5, S1)

The risk factors which trigger Sciatica are obesity, overweight, lifting weights, improper postures, chronic smoking.

The treatment for Sciatica is initiated by the homeopathic doctors by finding the root cause , the impending disease, the lifestyle of the patient, the constitution and the progress of the pain. Extra care is taken to relieve immediate pain and discomfort by dispensing acute homeopathic remedies for sciatica.

At Positive Homeopathy, the doctors always strive to cure Sciatica by trying to avoid surgery at all costs by their rich experience and quality homeopathic medicines. We understand the pain of sciatica and we provide all the support by providing best homeopathic treatment.

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