Let’s explore the root causes of Acne

Let’s explore the root causes of Acne

Acne is the most common skin disease which is faced by people in the Age group of 13-30. A pimple is formed when the excess oil or the dead skin cell on your face blocks the growth hair follicle. White heads, black heads, pimples are some types of acne.

Causes of Acne:-

Acne mainly affects the teenagers because it is the stage to hit puberty. At this time the hormones are very active and result in hormonal changes. During this stage, the girls start their menstrual cycles and they commonly get pimples at their time of periods.

Nowadays, pollution has become a leading cause for acne. Our face is overly exposed to the dust and smoke pollution so the bacteria is being stuck in the tiny pores on the face and leads to a painful swelling

3.Food we eat
Limit consuming the food items like spicy food, oily foods, junk foods, soft drinks, cakes, bread and the foods high in sugar and fat.These foods are high in carbohydrates and consuming these, the blood sugar increases and and create sebum which causes acne

Using the different branded products on the face, applying harmful cosmetics can also lead to the pus filled pimple.

Hair is also responsible for causing acne on the face,scalp,forehead,chest and back. Because when the dandruff falls on these places, it gets blocked in the skin pores and leads to the acne.

Water plays a major role for skin.When your skin is not hydrated and becomes dry,then it will be one of the major causes for Acne.By consuming the right amount of water,your body will produce the right amount of sebum and protect your face from Acne.

The climatic changes can also have a huge effect on acne So these external causes should be avoided to control the acne. To get the permanent solutions to acne without any side effects choose homeopathy. It treats you naturally. Homeopathy doesn’t mask the factors that are responsible for the disease, it always treats the factors from where the problem was raised.

POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY have treated many cases of acne with different types and root causes.
Positive homeopathy never gives the same medicines for all, it always considers each type of acne separately and the treatment is given according to the type and reason for acne.

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