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Ringworm or Taenia or Dermatophytosis? Homeopathy cures it effectively

Dermatophyte infection of the skin is often called Ringworm. But it is worth mentioning here that ringworm is confusing because worms are not involved in this fungal disease. Ringworm medically is known by Tinea, the Latin word for worm, describing the serpentine nature of this disease’s presentation on the skin.

There are different types of Taenia and they are named after the body part affected—such as tinea capitis (head), tinea pedia (feet), tinea corporis (body), tinea cruris (around waist and groin), tinea unguium (nails, also known as onychomycosis).

Ringworm or dermatophyte infection or Taenia caused by fungus of the genera Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton.These organisms live within the hardened structures (keratinized) of the skin.

Ringworm or Dermatophytes occur through out the world and is a common skin infection. THese organisms are transmitted by person-to-person and by fomites such as wet floors, hairbrushes etc that have been contaminated by infected individuals. Some of these organisms cause infections in cats and dogs which get readily transmitted to human beings. THere are few more such organisms which cause infection from soil contact.

Taenia is characteristic of the ring-shaped skin lesions which are caused due to the inflammatory reaction of fungal antigens.

Ringworm or Taenia occurs more commonly in male than in females.

Ringworm  is diagnosed by their characteristic ring-shaped skin lesions. In case of doubt, scrapings from the affected skin is sent for microscopic examination. Skin cultures are indicated when  there is a severe outbreak in the region or when the patient does not respond to specific treatment.

Taenia capitis : common in children between  3-7 years old. The skin has well-demarcated scaly patches , the hair shafts may get broken and baldness(alopecia) can happen.

Taenia corporis : it appears as ring-shaped , well-demarcated, itchy skin lesions with clear areas in the center of the ring.

Taenia cruris : Mostly seen in men with as reddish and pustular skin lesions in the groin. They cause severe itching and have irregular borders.

Taenia pedis : this is also more common in men than women. It is present in the web spaces of the toes with peeling of the skin and itching of reddish rash of the feet.

Taenia unguium or Onychomycosis : The toe nails are more often affected than fingernails. The nails get thickened, discolored and brittle.

Since ringworm is an infectious disease and it spreads from person-to-person, animals to humans and from soil to humans, hygiene and precautionary measures plays a great role in staying from getting infected and also in stopping the spread of infection in large population.

There are wonderful homeopathic medicines which are dispensed as preventive medicine for ringworm and other infectious diseases. These medicines increase the vital reaction of the person so that fungal antigen reaction is managed and skin remains unaffected by such organisms attack.

Once diagnosed with ringworm or Taenia or Dermatophytosis, the doctors at Positive Homeopathy have vast experience in providing best homeopathic treatment without unnecessary external applications or ointments. The patients with Ringworm are supposed to take the treatment for a particular duration so that recovery is complete and recurrence is stopped.

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