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Scale-down Ichthyosis suffering with Homeopathy

Ichthyosis is very rare skin disease. It is usually a congenital disorder which suggests it is present since birth. Ichthyosis is also found to be present in more than one member of the same family.

Ichthyosis appears on the skin as dry, rough and scaly markings resembling a fish skin. It is spread all over the body. The reason for the skin to become prone to such a condition is due to the decreased secretion by the skin glands and thickening of the skin cells, referred to as keratinization.

As it is a congenital disorder, Ichthyosis is noticed at birth and it gets worse during winter and the patient has little relief during warm and hot weather temporarily.

The most affected areas in patients with Ichthyosis are the back of the hands and legs, and the trunk portion of the body. This dryness of skin with fish-like scalings are bound to spread to entire skin in due course.

Ichthyosis patients cannot be left untreated as this condition is related to congenital conditions and there is poor defence mechanism in those patients. Therefore, Ichthyosis if not given prompt treatment can lead to Pyodermas, fungal affections and eczemas.

Sometimes , Ichthyosis condition appears in adult stage of life and other disease conditions such as Reticulosis, Leprosy and Allergy should be ruled out for the characteristic dryness and scaling of the skin.

Very rarely, Ichthyosis progress is stopped after a certain period , maybe till puberty and later it does not spread but treatment is mandatory in those patients as it indicates poor skin defence mechanism.

Since homeopathy has constitutional method of treatment as primary choice of treatment, the doctors at Positive Homeopathy Clinics are well-experienced in providing best constitutional homeopathic treatment. The medicines are selected based on genetic traits, the birth history, the paternal and maternal history and the general physique along with mind- thought process of individual  patient with Ichthyosis.

It is observed after vast experience that patients with Ichthyosis have to make regular visits to the concerned doctors to monitor extent of improvement and regulate the dosages. Positive Homeopathy has expert doctors to analyse the changes in immunity and defence mechanisms which help in giving fast relief in those patients, But it is advised to continue treatment for longer duration to find best results in congenital conditions such as Ichthyosis.

What precautions should be taken for Ichthyosis ?

The patient should avoid cold climate . They should choose to live  in a warm atmosphere.

The levels of  Vitamin A should be monitored. Thyroid function test has to be regularly checked.

Daily warm bath, sun exposure and warm oil massage may help temporarily in some cases.

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