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Why cough ?
Cough is functional too when it helps remove airways secretion and also the aspirated material , otherwise without effective cough reflex, infection can occur and lung function get  compromised.

Cough becomes problematic when it is exhausting, it can become complicated by muscle pain, rib injury, vomiting. Cough can aggravate hernias(abdominal and inguinal) and urinary incontinence.

Also, cough indicates respiratory distress or disease and a persistent , constant cough warrants patients to seek medical care.

How does cough arise ?
The mechanism behind the cough is very interesting. A spontaneous cough results from a triggering factor such as mechanical (particles in air pollution) , chemical ( which are in food etc) stimuli which stimulates the sensory nerve endings. These nerves carry the message to the “cough center” present in the brainstem, a part of the brain. The vocal cords then come closer causing upper airway occlusion. The muscles which help in expiration contract which generate intrathoracic pressure.  At the time of the cough, a deep breath is followed by the contraction of expiratory muscles with the release of intrathoracic air.

What is an impaired cough?
Since cough is a mechanism which helps in some ways, it can also be impaired which is described as a weak or ineffective cough. An impaired cough does not have the required ability to clear the lower respiratory tract infections.

What causes impaired cough?
Weakness, paralysis and pain of the expiratory muscles(abdominal and rib muscles) are primary causes for the cough to get weakened.

Irrespective of  the impaired cough , even a potent cough may sometimes fail to clear respiratory airways secretions. Such failure of the cough reflex to help clear secretions may be due to diseases such as bronchiectasis due to cystic fibrosis. It can also be due to tracheomalacia, a structural abnormalities of the airways.

What is symptomatic cough?
Symptomatic cough refers to any cough which points to the diagnosis of internal disorder or disease.

A cough occurring in relation to other respiratory symtoms point to respiratory diseases , such as,cough accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath suggests asthma.

At times, cough is the only symptom of the disease .

The duration of the cough is another factor which act as either as the syptom of acute disease or a chronic disease.  An acute cough(<3weeks) is the symptom of respiratory tract infection, aspiration , inhalation of certain chemicals or smoke.  Subacute cough( 3-8 weeks duration) can be due to be tracheobronchitis as in pertussis. Chronic cough (>8 weeks duration) can be due to many other diseases such as cardiopulmonary diseases (inflammatory, infectious,neoplastic ), gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD)  and certain medications .

What is the best treatment for cough?
Cough is an indication of underlying disease if it is repetitive, constant and of more than a week. The time, nature, causative factors are considered to treat the cough, whether cough is dominant sole symptom or a symptom of underlying disease pathology.

Homeopathy has some of the best medicines which act therapeutically to relieve cough as a symptom. Some of the commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies for cough are Kali’s, Spongia, Rumex, Drosera, Secale etc which are to be taken under medical supervision only.

Positive Homeopathy has doctors who are expert in accurate diagnosis and treatment of cough by using the method of orthodox constitutional homeopathic treatment. The medicines thus selected removes the cough from its root cause and prevent recurrence due to the same disease. It is highly regarded that Positive Homeopathy provides one of the best homeopathic treatments for cough and its accompanied symptoms.

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