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What is Tinnitus ?
Tinnitus is a subjective symptom expressed  by the patients as a sound perceived when there is no sound in the surrounding environment. The sound felt may be described as a buzzing , roaring or ringing sensation. Tinnitus  may be pulsatile also, being synchronous with the heartbeat.

What causes tinnitus?
The real reason behind the tinnitus is not yet understood. The  cause can be known by finding the causative factor responsible with associated hearing loss.

What diseases cause tinnitus?
Tinnitus can also be a symptom of vestibular schwannoma. It  is also often associated with sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. Tinnitus maybe an associated symptom with vestibular nystagmus along with hearing loss.

But most commonly, tinnitus is noticed as one of the three symptoms of Meniere’s disease, others being sensorineural hearing loss and episodic vertigo. It may not be the first symptom of the disease but it is felt as the disease progresses and may even increase in severity.

Who suffer from tinnitus?
Tinnitus usually is felt in the old-age people but may also occur in young adults. Tinnitus maybe an associated symptom with vestibular nystagmus along with hearing loss.

What is the best treatment for tinnitus ?
Many a number of patients feel obscure and worried about the ringing in ears. They fail to understand why only them are perceiving ringing or roaring sounds in their ears.  The treatment for tinnitus becomes more trivial when it has to be differentiated from illusion and pathology.

Can tinnitus go away ? or is tinnitus  temporary ? are the questions which puzzle the patients in their initial suffering. The cure  for tinnitus is possible with the Most effective treatment possible through homeopathy alone.

Homeopathic remedies act wonderfully depending on causative factors and associated symptoms. Suppose, if there is a headache or head symptoms and it increases with tinnitus, Borax, China, Pulsatilla and Opium are some of the remedies which relieves tinnitus and also head pain.

Tinnitus is felt particularly before and after menses in some females and in such cases, Ferrum, China, Ignatia and Kreosote help quite effectively.

For tinnitus associated with vertigo, Nux vomica, China,Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria and Sepia have remarkable action.

Is there surgery for tinnitus?  Is another major doubt a patient is worried about. Medicine for tinnitus available in homeopathy also  help avoid surgery and also prevent recurrence of the symptoms.

Positive Homeopathy Clinics located in Bangalore, Mysore, Vijayawada, Vizag among other locations of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka provide the  best homeopathic treatment for Tinnitus with the availability of experienced doctors and quality medicines to bring about cure in the patients suffering from tinnitus.

What happens if tinnitus is left untreated ?
Tinnitus is a symptom and mostly of unknown cause implying prompt treatment is missed in many patients. When some patients ignore taking treatment for tinnitus or if it is left untreated can lead many psychosocial repercussions such as : sleeplessness, anxiety, mood swings, depression, undue stress in daily activities and irritability. Therefore, attempt should always be made by the patient to seek proper medical care and homeopathy has solution for tinnitus and associated symptoms.

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