Homeopathy treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus known commonly as “Diabetes” and also “sugar” is a disease which includes a group of metabolic disorders that feature increase in blood sugar levels, hyperglycaemia.

What causes Diabetes?

Diabetes is caused due to the factors which contribute to hyperglycemia , factors are ;

  1. Reduced insulin secretion
  2. Decreased glucose utilization
  3. Increased glucose production

What happens in Diabetes?

Reduced Insulin Secretion : Insulin is secreted by the pancreas which is both an exocrine and endocrine gland located in the abdomen. The function of Insulin facilitates the body to utilise glucose for metabolic activities and growth. Any metabolic disorder which causes reduced insulin secretion leads to hyperglycemia condition as the glucose is left unutilised by the body.

Decreased glucose utilization : This factor is self-explanatory. Whenever the glucose in the body is not utilised, it leads to hyperglycemia. This could be due to either reduced insulin secretion and release or due to faulty lifestyle activities such as sedentary life, obesity, lack of physical exercise, improper diet etc.

Increased glucose production : Sometimes, glucose is produced within the body by the breakdown of glycogen by the process of glycogenolysis,which is stored in certain organs. And way which causes increase in glucose production is by the gluconeogenesis, conversion of non-carbohydrates such as fatty acids and proteins into glucose.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease which includes a group of metabolic disorders. It is not a single disease or a syndrome but a group of disorders which cause increase in blood sugar levels. Therefore, it should be understood that in a patient with diabetes, not one system of the body is affected but there different reasons for hyperglycemia which need to be attended. This clearly implies, constitutional treatment is the way to treat diabetes which includes all the characters of the patient , from physical appearance to medical history, from hereditary factors to the lifestyle modifications, from mind to body.

What is the treatment for Diabetes?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which has remedies for diabetes treatment with proven efficacy on human beings. A homeopathic doctor follows constitutional mode of treatment in their profession which enables recovery of health in patients with diabetes. At Positive Homeopathy, complete emphasis is given to orthodox and constitutional methods by experienced doctors so as to provide best homeopathic treatment for diabetes and its complications.

Along with quality treatment for diabetes, management of patients with diabetes is stressed upon by expert doctors at Positive Homeopathic clinics. The importance of lifestyle changes in the control of blood sugar levels is communicated to the patients by our doctors. Lifestyle changes such as regular physical exercise, proper diet regimen, avoidance of undue stress, etc are needed to followed by the diabetic patients.

Finally, it should be understood by the patients with diabetes that the treatment plan for diabetes includes a long-term approach for a healthy life. This is definitely attainable and is seen happening in many satisfied diabetic patients of Positive Homeopathy. Patients should follow the treatment for the duration recommended by the doctors along with the homeopathic management protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What health problems can people with diabetes develop?

Over time, high blood glucose leads to problems such as
heart disease stroke, kidney disease, eye problems, dental disease, nerve damage, foot problems
You can take steps to lower your chances of developing these diabetes-related health problems.

What is the cause of type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes develops because the body’s immune system destroys beta cells in a part of the pancreas called the islet tissue. These beta cells produce glucose. So people with type 1 diabetes can’t make their own glucose. The pancreas normally adjusts the amount of glucose it makes based on your changing blood sugar.

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